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Kaz tames trucking technology.
Trandata founder helps a diversified niche communicate with the world.

Imagine you're on a business trip, hailing a cab at a busy airport. You get into the cab, tell the driver where you're headed, and as the driver pulls away from the curb, he radios in to the taxi company dispatcher: he identifies his cab, says he's at the airport, and is headed to the Hotel Metropolis with a fare...

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Cargo Insecurity Article
Locals offer a better mousetrap.
Trandata Drayage Management System.
One would think that when a smart businessman builds a device that could track a container and monitor the safety of its contents across the globe that the shipping world would beat a path to his door.
And one might think that a simple, PC-based software "solution" capable of dispatching independent truckers...
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Compliance Through Technology  Article
Trucking and e-manifest software.
Software providers help truckers meet new e-Manifest Requirements.
In this age of congestion and security consciousness, minutes count. Shippers and carriers pursue any avenue to gain an edge over their competitors. Crossing the border, once an annoying, albeit bearable exercise, today can be an hours-long test of endurance...
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Trandata Article

Trucking and e-manifest software
Trandata - a dynamic, young company ready to take on the future.
Trandata is the leading technology provider for drayage companies in South Florida that specialize in transporting containers between ports and warehouses.
Established in 1999, Trandata is a dynamic company that fulfills a critical need in the intermodal transportation industry...
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