Drayage Management System

DMS is specifically developed with moving containers in mind. DMS incorporates a unique workflow design that efficiently addresses the process of managing owner operators and customer work orders on the front end, while generating billing and payroll simultaneously in the background.

Online Container Tracking

Your customers can track their container activities simply by typing in the container number, booking or steamship BOL number, significantly reducing the number of container status phone calls. In addition, the convenience of Online Container Tracking can be a very effective sales tool to gain new customers and retain current ones.

Scanning and Imaging

Looking to cut your manual labor costs by 50%? Then this is an ideal step into the paperless world while having your invoices and settlements validated the next day. Advantages of this service:
  • We will scan all the paperwork associated with an order and correct any inconsistencies while comparing the actual paperwork to the system
  • Never match paperwork or fall behind in billing again
  • We will correct BOL completion dates, check origin and destination information, check equipment, flag missing information or accessorials for reporting the next day
  • Generate invoices and print the along with the scanned backup is as easy as pressing a button
  • View email invoices and backups directly from your computer - without leaving your desk

Database Maintenance

To ensure that your databases are optimally administrated, maintained and backed up for quick and easy data retrieval, Trandata Technologies offers complete Database Maintenance Service.

This includes our weekly Offsite Backup Service - insuring your company against loosing vital data to power failures, flooding, fire. Should disaster strike, your company will be up and running in no time.

Communication Services Suite

Driver Text Messaging - allows the dispatcher to send Bill of Lading (BOL) details such as BOL number, origin address, destination address, container number, container size, booking, reference numbers and appointment information right to the driver's cellular phone.

Customer Notifications - provides your customers with delivery confirmations as containers are delivered at the port or warehouse.

EDI Services - allow truckers to link to major shippers such as steamship lines, importers and freight forwarders. Some of our EDI partners include Maersk, Evergreen, Crowley, CMA/CGM, Mediterranean Shipping, Lowes, Heineken and Samuel Shapiro.

Automatic Fuel Bill Updates

An industry first offered through Trandata DMS! Benefits to you:
  • Eliminate cut and past of paper based fuel reports from your website or faxes.
  • Eliminate manual entry of fuel charges under each driver.
  • Eliminate any human errors and omissions by directly populating the DMS System for automatic deduction in settlements.

Per Diem Updates

Based on popular demand, DMS automatically updates per diem tables with the changes as the occur as per UIAAs steamship line members.

POMTOC Container Release Updates

Based on popular demand, DMS automatically updates per diem tables with the changes as the occur as per UIAAs steamship line members.

DMS Modules

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Order Entry

Critical to the proper dispatching of work orders, the DMS Order Entry Module streamlines order entry in 3 ways.

  • Allows drayage carriers to enter information accurately and efficiently, as well as accept them electronically from customers
  • Users can add new customers and shipping addresses on the fly, without leaving the module
  • Track per diem and demurrage tariffs/charges levied on containers to ensure timely return to their steamship lines


Our pro-active DMS Dispatch Module allows hundreds of users to prioritize drivers and trips in real-time, by documenting events and charges - paving the way to accurate invoices and driver settlements.
  • Over 20 different sort and filter criteria
  • Over 25 fields of information, including Last Free Day at the port and terminals
  • Easily enables dispatchers to capture and record accessorials as the occur

Accounts Receivable

Combined with our Dispatch Module, accounts receivable invoicing becomes a one-step operation. DMS Accounts Receivable Module is Comprised of 4 Sub-modules: Invoicing, Debit Memos, Credit Memos and Cash Receipts.

Inside each customer profile, invoicing options are selected based on reference numbers, time frequency and container status. A typical drayage carrier can serve up to 6 different types of customers: steamship lines, freight forwarders, customs brokers, importers, exporters and retailers.

Due to the customized setup, our drayage customers can ensure timely receipts for their invoices, listing container numbers, trip details, accessorial charges and a detachable stub to be submitted with payments.


Combined with our Order Entry and Dispatch Modules, settlements can be automatically generated for the entire fleet in one keystroke.

DMS Driver Settlement Module creates payments to owner operators for the trips completed in a week, collecting all bills of ladings for each driver and automatically calculates deductions based on driver profiles. Automated deductions account for loans, escrows, cash advances, and fuel.